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Main » 2012 » May » 6 » May 6-9, 2012, the third Aparkino Motobluden, Tver Region., Sandovo district, d.Aparkino
May 6-9, 2012, the third Aparkino Motobluden, Tver Region., Sandovo district, d.Aparkino
May 6-9, 2012, the third Aparkino Motobluden, Tver Region., Sandovo district, d.AparkinoPhoto:
May 6, 2012 from Peter motokolonnoy go to the Tver region. on Aparkinsky motobluden: Collection 6-7.00 in the clubhouse at 5 Blucher, dump the stuff in the car. 7-8.00 or at the gas station Lukoil (Murmanka). Dressed with a full tank! Who did not catch up! Remember, fever aching bones, dress really warm sleeping bag will not be superfluous.

Invite friends to celebrate the birth of the motorcycle club "Bedouins MCC". you have not forgotten (a), which is expensive if you can only breathe in the wind, if you have a heart in your chest flaming engine, if you open (a) and soul and you are foreign bourgeois habits, if you're not rich (and ) money, but the rich (a) friends, then take them with you and keep the path for us. Leave all the worries and sadness in the bustle of everyday life and escape the city for a few days in a simple and unhurried village life of ancient Russian village with lopsided "house-dwarfs." After tiring of the nervous life in the big city of measured and unhurried pace of rural hinterland will give you the real fun, will help restore strength and health recharge and inspiration, peace of mind and give yourself the joy of communion with nature. Nature - not only the best psychologist, is the best healer weary souls. Do not think that we want to catch up on your sadness, melancholy! Afternoon entertainment program, biker contests, races in wheelchairs endurotrase on the evening of live rock concert.After midnight disco.

General objective of the event to celebrate a birthday, once again come together and unite a common cause - leisure activities for themselves and guests ride in dalnyak,breath of fresh air in a remote village.Oh, and for earrings is little homeland, where he spent his childhood village, pulling him back, and he pulls us. After all, it was there before, and the farm and the farm and the club and shop, and now even no water. One granny '93 lives there, takes care of her daughter. Yes nachniki arrives like like us, who in the summer, who is on a week or two. Many houses were mowing the roof fell, and our house quite old, soon there will be no one, all stolen and vanish village. That is still the house stands, still alive last granny, he enjoys every moment.

Every year we expand and complicate the program. Especially since it was promoted long weekend. The first day was the arrival of an introductory course, preparation, organization, etc. But that day came quite a few friends, guests. The second day was the traditional byykerskie contests - slow travel, "sausage", travel around the board, the loudest sound, and tug of war, even for the kids improvised unpretentious contests. Unfortunately did not work out with live music, as the musicians at the last minute could not go. So was just a disco. On the third day, we organized a "motoprohvat" string-route Aparkino B.Malinskoe-Shelepiha-Sandovo-St. Sandovo and back. Laid a wreath at the monument to soldiers - fellow countrymen who died for their country during World War II.Pilaf cooked in a cauldron, a paved track enduro on the field and the woods and had a race to the "wheelchair" for a while. True pre long they repaired, brought to mind. Endurotrassa ~ 2 km. (Enduro Eng. - Bear, bear, bear) has been specifically laid not simple, but through the trees, ditches, logs, rocks (still looking for a pool, but did not find), and finally rise to a good slope, ie In addition to speed and influence factor of skill passing obstacles, coordination of team (driver + passsazhir the cage), and of course the excitement, turretless. The main struggle was between Nicholas of Sandovo and misfortune. But Kohl won with a margin of 2 minutes. The third crew led by a Shaman summarized the technical condition of the motorcycle, but still all appreciated his tenacity and desire to go the route to the end despite the fact that it was clear that by the time he had lost long ago.

Viewers were placed at different stages route, and then looked all along the video of the race, a good laugh, awarded the winners, everyone who came were given commemorative logo sticker on the event. So dance, of course.
The last day of work out in the May 9 hit, shoot the balloons so on jars. Then he went to the rain, and we slowly gathered, loaded all the stuff in mikroavtobusik and headed home to St. Petersburg. Though not without adventure ... The rain was falling on the road to Aparkino Sandovo razvezlo strong ride motorcycles on the road this very difficult part of the journey in the shortbread just passed her feet.
Well, as without conventional attack from the machines. If on the way there we were repaired once, on the way back minibus broke thorough. In general, the whole evening, night and morning, then repaired, then drove, then basked ... Especially remembered as Serge in his Motik pulling on the strap Ford Transit uphill. Went home at 8:00 am. hurriedly took a shower at work. Motobluden 100% lived up to its name.

Poster, Aparkino Motobluden 2012

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