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Main » 2011 » August » 20 » On August, 20th 2011, Motocross "Protection of Kolobanov" - Memories of a heroic exploit of defenders of Leningrad
On August, 20th 2011, Motocross "Protection of Kolobanov" - Memories of a heroic exploit of defenders of Leningrad
Мотопробег памяти подвига - Зиновия КОЛОБАНОВАPhotoreport:

lThe motocross purpose: to draw attention of the public to a feat of hero-tankman Zinovija Kolobanova in day of the 70 anniversary of the well-known fight under Vojskovitsami and to a feat of defenders of Leningrad.

Route: St.-Petersburg – Gatchina – Big Bornitsy («the Bornitsky boundary») - New Uchhoz - Gatchina - Pulkovsky heights - St.-Petersburg.

Meeting place: the Chisel — the victory Area, near to hotel "Park-In"

The note: to 9 o'clock in the morning from a temple on Shpalernoj 35 there will go the bus. And still there will be cars.
So the column will be mixed and all who wants can join.
In 10 general start from "Stamestki", which actually - the Monument to heroic defenders of a city of Leningrad.

ГазетаThe historical inquiry:
On August, 20th, 1941 a company (5 heavy tanks KV-1) 1st tank regiment with 1st Krasnoznamennoj of a tank division under command of senior lieutenant Zinovija Kolobanova, operating in common with 2nd battalion of cadets-frontier guards of New-Petergovsky school and fighting охранением 267th separate pulemetno-artillery battalion, has stopped German tank columns torn to Leningrad. Operating from an ambush, five Soviet tanks, have destroyed 43 enemy tanks.

In this fight tank Zinovija Kolobanova has destroyed 22 German tanks. For a perfect feat Kolobanov and crew of its tank have been presented to a rank of the Hero of Soviet Union. But as a result heroes-tankmen have received awards. Now the public of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad region has addressed to representatives of the power with the petition for assignment of a high rank (posthumously) Zinoviju Kolobanovu.

Historical inquiries on a route of movement of motocross.

1. Big Bornitsy. Cadets-frontier guards of 2nd battalion occupied From big Bornits and heavy tank KV under command of second lieutenant Lastochkina defense. In cruel fight on August, 20th, 1941 the crew of Lastochkina has lined 4 German tanks, and frontier guards 6. Participants of motocross will assign flowers to a communal grave of cadets-frontier guards, and then will visit a monument «the Bornitsky boundary»

2. New Uchhoz. At a crossroads of roads, it is not far from New Uchhoza tank Zinovija Kolobanova has destroyed a column from 22 German tanks. Well-aimed shots had been lined head and closing tanks. Germans have appeared in a trap, move down after the journey they couldn't, stirred water meadows. Within an hour Kolobanov has destroyed an enemy column. Participants of motocross will assign flowers to a monument to a tank company of Kolobanova, and then will visit a crossroads of roads – a place of a tank ambush of Kolobanova.

3. Gatchina. The house of Grigorina. A prospectus crossroads on 25th of October and Cathedral street.
On September, 13th, 1941 battle last defenders of Krasnogvardejska (Gatchina) covering a withdrawal of the companions here have accepted. Andrey Grigorin ordered a handful of men of courage. Here participants of motocross will assign flowers to a memorial plate.

4. On departure from Gatchina participants of motocross will visit a position of the tool from a cruiser "Aurora". In 1941 of the tool from a cruiser have been removed and established under Krasnogvardejsky (Gatchina). In September, 1941 seamen heroically battled to the coming opponent, putting it a notable loss.

5. Pulkovsky heights. At Pulkovsky heights - a rear boundary Krasnogvardejsky укрепрайона Germans have been definitively stopped in September, 1941. Participants of motocross will visit the Memorial and will assign flowers.

Initiators of run - archpriest Vyacheslav Harinov (Motor-father), "The Hooligans MC", searchers.

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