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Main » 2009 » June » 1 » On July, 1st - on August 15th, 2009, Sea, mountain, steppes or geography studying in scale 1:1th
On July, 1st - on August 15th, 2009, Sea, mountain, steppes or geography studying in scale 1:1th
Motor-holiday 2009Sergey (trouble) to plan holidays for six weeks, and I (Tymanka) advance to the chief gave his resignation. On the Suzuki Intruder 1500LS we planned to travel the following route: M4, Azov and Black Sea, Kalmykia, M6, on the way stopping in all major cities, which have not yet visited. Anton joined us (the Hedgehog, who is also the Hedgehog) on 800 Honda Pacific with Tatiana, and Andrew on Yamaha XJR 1200 to Irina.

We started from St. Petersburg, July 1, 2009. The first night was in the village Aparkino, Sandovskii district, Tver region, where our grandmother was waiting for Sergei, with pies and soup. The next day they decided to go not too early, so as not to stand in a Moscow traffic jams. However, in Solnechnogorsk managed to get our bike Chevrolet Lacetti. She stood on the wrong side of a left turn signals, missed the XJR, and in front of us, for no apparent reason, decided to make the maneuver, for which he paid the right door. Break off a piece from Suzuki windshield, turn signal wires hanging on, bent wheel. The driver shuffled his foot, saying the house had already turned, and a meeting with the motorcycle did not expect, and did not see us. By the way we have to poltorashke xenon lamp, a completely invisible. Soon ceased to be secret, the fact that a citizen under Shafei, but trouble has agreed to close their eyes for a small fee of $ 10,000 reh. This was our first accident with a car. Repairs made on site, as were able to straighten the wheel and turn signal on tape fasten. Make up for lost time, Andrew wanted to speed 160 km / h, and Anton chose 110 km / h, and sometimes less. Agree it was problematic, so we let Andrei forward, and slowly slipped down to the Hedgehog in Tula, where we were to wait for 2 am Lech (Black Legion MC), to spend the night in Vadyuhe. "Black Legion" thank you very much, as usually encountered, watered, fed, and was put to sleep. Andryukha, almost drove to Voronezh, and there spent the night in a glamorous pink hotel. The next day, while in the studio of Sergei straighten the wheel, I took a tour of hedgehogs, the Tula Kremlin. Bought cakes, again hit the road, on the advice Vadyuhi through on Anishino Venevsky district, where there is a picturesque church, with the intriguing name of "the wise thief," and you can go in at any time of day. According to the Gospel of Jesus Christ of the cross was erected between the crucifixions of criminals repented robber earned the nickname "prudent" and, according to legend, was in heaven. A "Who are you?" - Offers to reflect the inscription on the second cross. We do not regret that they had made a detour of 80 km, lit candles, which they can take for free, as well as calendars and brochures.

At Voronezh were waiting for us, sleep, Andrew Ira. On dinner, we all together went to Voronezh, where we were greeted by a familiar Glory Vulkan'e, and spent the bypass. All night we sailed from Rostov road without stopping helm, without sleep or rest. We traveled this time with Andrei, at each gas station waiting for the Hedgehog, and the morning were in Chicago. With a location map, we're still hard to find "dirt bike Post" - base mototurizma to the south (in any case, it was stated on their website). But we thought that its name does not justify it. For the night we were invited to the meadow in the territory - or a snack or a cup of tea, we have not had a chance. These options are only available after noon. Andrew hoped here to change tires on the rear wheel, and travel was not, and the price offered sportovskogo cylinder proved to be very high. However, Rostov "Night Wolves" prompted us to be more successful route to the Sea of ​​Azov and the place where they can relax. General council decided not to stay for the night, and go farther in search of the village "Golubitskaya." Tired body buzzed and left to languish in the heat of the Krasnodar region, when we, from the height of a small hill, finally saw the sea and the central beach. But we had even choose a place for tents.

All the way Andrew was worried that he had to XJR'e tires are almost bald, a crack appeared in the chain, and in general - he will not go anywhere further. But it was his choice - to go to dalnoboy sportovskoy rubber, with the expectation to buy spare parts in transit, and the panic was premature, even before the cord is not yet realized. We're with Sergey and Tanya Anton, went to choose a parking lot, and eventually decided to withdraw from local residents two rooms of 250 p. per person. Also, the service included: parking, outside shower, and dining room with TV, refrigerator, gas stove and sink. That evening, we swam and went to bed. But Andrew and Ira slept in a tent near the spot where we parted, and the next day when passions subsided, they left their tent because it has leaked, and they took us to the next room. A trip to Temryuk, and ordered the tank circuit, and the day after they brought them from Krasnodar, and changed. 3 days m s swam, sunbathed, went to the "banana", lowered the money in slot machines, and July 8 gathered on the Black Sea. Anton and Tania left a day earlier in a. Levokumskij, Budennovsky district, to Tanya's mother. We first took a trip to the Point Chushka, where on one hand - the Sea of ​​Azov, on the other - Black. They turned around, despite the fact that all the bikers encountered was called in Sevastopol, on the bike show in the Night Wolves. Were supported by in Anapa, we stopped at the central beach in Gelendzhik, and in the night arrived in the Bay Inal, where he pitched a tent. But Andrew and Ira did not find cheaper housing 750 rub. a day for two, decided that it was a luxury, and slept in a sleeping bag near a motorcycle, because tent they its cast, and left at 5 am, in English, the Kursk, Irina to her mother.

3 days, we relaxed on the Black Sea, went on the jetski, and for the first time scuba diving at a depth of 7.5 meters, accompanied by an instructor. The first minute of immersion is the most terrible anxiety you covered, whether you breathe, but not used to feel uncomfortable, whether you're suffocating. 38 minutes we walked around the seamounts, and even caught a crab. The same day, packed up and drove along the coast farther south. Bathed in Tuapse, breaking the 115 km mountain serpentine, with 180 degrees in the evening arrived in Sochi, where he discovered that we left the bolt on the front brake caliper. Unfortunately, finding him on the road, dusk, did not work, then decided to search for local bikers. Sergei described the situation, standing in the bushes policeman. He, in turn, suddenly noticed that a bolt at this time of day do not find it. And after this valuable statements suggested that motorcyclists gather at the cafe "Banker", next to the "McDonalds". This place we found quickly, but the bikers encountered did not show enthusiasm in search of us required a screw until it learned from the way we keep, and where. Here was a man with the same MOTOBIKE SALON, and promised in the morning at work to find anything like that. And at night we were determined to second floor garage, which was equipped with a gymnasium, with a double bed, inflatable, music, and even the kitchen sink. How great is that we should not loose tent, sleeping bags, foam, and most importantly - and then gather it all back.

The next day we picked up a bolt and a small mototusovkoy we went to the beach. Local bikers seem to have been forgotten that they have access to such opportunity. Ibid Sergei changed quickly eaten by winding serpentine, pads, kit beushnye which lay in the coffer. Shreds - the owner of the garage gave us a little tour of the city. We climbed the tower Ahun (30.5 m), from there, with a viewing platform, all of Sochi - at a glance: a magnificent panorama coastline and snow-capped peaks of the main Caucasus ridge. And then we went to the Adler, and drove to the border with Abkhazia, there were developed and, as a bypass road at Maikop not yet built, had to return to Tuapse, and not far from the office, on the eponymous river, we pitched a tent. And in the morning, after water treatment, went to Adygea. The road was winding, but the coverage is quite decent. Suddenly, under Shaumian, someone stole the asphalt, instead of him - the gravel and dust. We had eight miles off road on Shahumyan pass, but on our map of it - not a word. However, our all-terrain vehicle safely overcome four miles up and another 4 km down, drowning motor, we have sunk as a bicycle. It turned out there do not lay asphalt on purpose, otherwise the winter just will not pass. And then, like clockwork, slipped Apsheronsk, Maikop, Armavir, crossing the border and Adygeya, Stavropol Territory, were clearly, as the fat in the premise. We stopped to drink kvass - a liter every 47 ... in the shade, - stated the fact Kvasnikov, and suggested a swim in the river Kuban, 19 km from here. How, then, was happiness indeed to plunge into the cold water but, by the way, and very fast, is a short time to relax, as will carry over. While dressing after a bath, heated up again - just a headwind m not cool, but it seems on the contrary, burn. Nevinnomyssk Budennovsk, and in the evening we were with. Levokumskij where we were met with Tanya Anton who went here after Golubitskaya.

4 days, we ate apricots and plum, and hid from the heat in prefabricated skeleton-swimming pool, a trip to the infamous Budennovsk hospital, captured in 1995, Basayev's terrorists, the victims visited the mall bombing. A June 16, Anton and Tanya went home to Peter. We, however, lured them with tales of the mountains, went to Dombai through KavMinVody. In Pyatigorsk, went into the flower garden and looked at the failure, in Zheleznovodsk walked on therapeutic park in Essentuki - Bottom Vorontsov. Kislovodsk admired the magnificent colonnade, which is the main gate of the Resort Park, and, of course, we could not pass by, located on the shore of a mountain river, deep in the very beautiful
Alikonovskogo Valley, "Castle of Intrigue and Love", which received such a romantic name from the legend of one unfortunate lovers. But for us the greatest deceit lay in the fact that inside the castle restaurant and hotel, in general, private area.
Of course, in every city tried mineral some water, but most of all we liked Narzan and Essentuki-17. It was night, 20 miles after crossing the Stavropol Territory and Karachay-Cherkessia republic, now all hints of civilization, besides the road. We climbed higher and higher into the mountains, the temperature dropped noticeably, and suddenly - a fork, of course, without pointers. While Sergei studied the map, but I insulate behind the stopped car. Instantly swept all the warnings about the dangers in these parts, however, came out of the car kindly white-haired little man, and offered to take us to the hotel in Karachayevsk. But it turned out, it works up to 21.00, and settle us there is no way. The second variant is more expensive hotels, too, disappeared. We put up a tent strongly dissuaded Kazbek - that was the name of our guide. He had no choice but to graciously invited us to her. His daughter, Mary, and Einar, a bed to us in a separate room bed, and fed dinner. The next morning, saying goodbye with Kazbek and his cross mey, we went to Dombai. By the way, the way we have gathered for breakfast, and on the way back again called for a visit.

By the way, we enjoyed the pristine nature and chi simplest air. Fascinating mountain views, covered with fir trees, slopes covered by snow capped peaks, turbulent rivers cold ... All of this suddenly gave rise to our sense of endless joy and fullness of life. In Dombae for 1,000 rubles. for two, we picked up on a cable car and then a chairlift to the mountain of Musa Achitara. Hence, we decided to climb on foot to the top of the mountain to try to find the distance the top of Mount Elbrus. Unfortunately, due to cloud cover, it could not make out. Mountain - a fairy tale, yet I was not anywhere as good as in the mountains. An incomparable sense of freedom, even dizzy from such a close proximity of the sky and the abyss! There, the top y all the fuss recedes into the background. We got so carried away that has descended on the last cable car, because no one we were not informed about the operation, and we did not expect to spend on top throughout the day. Leaving Dombai, we have clearly decided that it must come back here. On the way to the city of thugs (this is the meaning of the name Cherkessk), we, thank God, they are not met, but several times there were traffic jams formed due to migration of cows.

In their native land Caucasian I play and sing
Guests are called "fairy tale" all my Circassia ...
If you like it - take it, do not hesitate to nothing
If you have a question - ask, I answer it.

Why are you standing in Cherkessk? - Because I - Circassian.
Why is your knife sharp? - Simply, I - thug!
Why are you heart in the sky? - Because in the heart of the devil!
Why do you look proud? - Because I Circassian!

Over the Caucasus mountains glow under Elbrus annuals,
And in the valleys of ice-breath, and transparency of the river ...
I will go there with this song in a real, highland forest.
No song more interesting, if a song is a Circassian ...

(Folk song)

We spent the night in a tent in the Stavropol region on the River Great Zelenchuk. After we stopped in Stavropol, - and again the unbearable heat forced us to dip into the first puddle. And, finally, we reached the Republic of Kalmykia.

We stopped at the first Buddhist temple to watch. But, indeed, an impressive temple in Elista was expecting us - the capital of the republic Kalmykian. "Golden Abode of Buddha Shakyamuni" - the largest Buddhist temple in Russia and Europe, its height is 62 meters. At the entrance was removed shoes, I wrapped
ACL with a handkerchief, as was in shorts - poglazeli, every thought about her and, without turning to the 11-meter Buddha back, moved back to the exit. Went around the temple, have twisted prayer drums, and again in a way.

Around the bare steppe, affecting its endless, every now and then, slowly, roll over "tumbleweed" - spherical balls, dried by the sun, steppe plants. ... STOP grazing camels, camels? .. Come see! And they, in their turn, looked at us in amazement, wondering, why, suddenly, so much attention to their personas. They also do not know, what to see this in our area impossible. Camels did not take their eyes at us while we filmed them on video, taking pictures, and even tried to stroke, probably hoping the flight path of the attacker's spittle. But to realize our plans and decided not to. When it got dark, we decided to put a tent right in the wilderness, away from the road just drove off. From early in the morning bleated lambs, and until they surrounded us, we quickly got together and moved on. We are all waiting for us to meet the sands, but saw only a few salt marshes.

In the morning they gave us a tour: Ryazan Kremlin, Airborne School, and persuaded us to go on Friday with the club for 9 years of Wolves MC, in Gus-Crystal. By 22 th day of our trip, to be honest, podnakopiv fatigue. The house is close, but oh well, once named, declined again on the route. In the meantime, we went to the Moscow region Luhovitsy where blagod arya Byake, greeted us with smoke. First swim and sunbathe at the Blue Lakes, with the smoke and his companion, and then went to their hometown - Kolomna. I smoke in the country fried sausages, and spent the night there. The next day, after dinner, went for a walk in Kolomna. The Kremlin's impressive, despite the fact that only 7 survived the towers of 17, a charming town, clean quiet streets. And after all drove together to Ryazan, where Orthodox MC column started in the Goose.

The evening was organized by the solemn, but a private part of the event with a feast, which was the highlight of the soup kabanyatiny, congratulations, gifts, and of course, fire-show from the smoke. I especially want to note the place of action, which was held in the clubhouse Wolves MC, which, in turn, is located on the hunting base with a lake, a bar, decorated in hunter's style with a trophy, a hotel and even a zoo, where the fox lives in cages, wild boar, bear and wolf.
So everything is impregnated with biker culture, that even we, who had seen a lot, walked through the possessions of Wolves open mouths as children, marveling at every interesting curiosities. So Borisych - the president enormous respect and congratulations to our club. The next day, despite the heavy rain still swept through the city column, and then - contests, music, striptease, fireworks.

In the morning it was decided to drop by the same white stone in Vladimir - the Golden Gate, Uspensky Cathedral, Cathedral Square, etc. Pictures flashed before my eyes ... Home, how do want to go home already! But Prosper
Islands, in the village of funnels that just outside Moscow, to Sergey's aunt. And in the morning again kultprogramma, since the village is right in front of the Museum-Estate Arkhangelsk, the sins of his visit did not, well, by the way - to the Museum of Vadim Zadorozhnogo technology, and yet another Nochka remained.

July 28, at last, the finish line, went to the village Aparkino, Tver Region, home to the great-grandmother. And now, too, 2 weeks vacation from the vacation and bustle, in a remote village. A week later, Sergei zanostalgiroval the past, pulled him to the romance, and he bought a three-wheeled stroller with a monster called "Dnepr". Chased it for milk but for the mushrooms and leave to the end, this trouble is fingered dinosaur. August 14, safely returned to St. Petersburg, bringing in left dopfaru top box - well, kept to the last.

In summary, we counted two edges, 3 and 13 regions of the republic, which was visited. But as you look, in relation to the globe - a drop in the ocean. In the Karachay-Cherkessia Republic of asphalt so beautiful, that it even like walking cow. An ideal asphalt in Kalmykia, it seems, created specifically for the sheep to camels - these are just spit like, when you go to Leningrad. The next time, of course, if we do not have infinite time to communicate with people curious to feel the local flavor, will have to write a sign in large letters: "This is not a" Harley "is expensive, fast rides, eats differently and the driver is not talking. "
On the road revealed a flaw in our poltorashki - the vibration is "unwound", have lost five bolt.

The total mileage was 8780 km path.
Budget Trip 42 000 rub., Of which 4300 rub. - On penalties.
554 liters of gasoline burned in the amount of 11,659 rubles.
Average consumption of 6.27 liters per 100 kilometers.
Travel time - 28 days + 2 weeks in the village.
Thank you for reading my opus to the end, I hope he will do for you!

The whole footchet:
The whole footchet: Soon! 
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