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Tula Motor Club Black Legion MC - 15 yearsPhoto: that 2012 marks 15 years since the founding of the MC motorcycle club, "Black Legion MC Tula". Do not congratulate guys anniversary we could not. Ezh:"And finally, I Tula!! Well then of course all came running. Surprised that I came so early! Distract long guys did not, with the Astrakhan went to the sink and Tula to see go. Something Weather whispers)))).
Returned to the club, wanted to drink a beer, and the rest, the company gathered a large))) Partying all started 11th in 3:00, many people came. By this time, just arrived Large, Light and Elvis. Of course, I was delighted. But, like, the most happy with Fear Lehoy))). By evening all podnazhralis, it be ... Read more »
Category: Bike show, motor-meetings | Views: 3272 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 11.08.2012 | Comments (0)

MotoGonevo 2012, Kharkov, Ukraine3rd International Moto-Rock Festival "MotoGonevo."
Duration: 3 days
Organization: GoGoL `& cO - Event - Agency« in LOVE »
Location: Kharkov, Kharkov region., Ukraine, BO TehnoKomana Old Saltov (map) (Photo)
Coordinates for GPS:
+50 ° 6 '2.9'' (50.100795)
+36 ° 48 '55.6'' (36.815457)
Contact phone numbers of the organizers: Andrew GogoL `: +380673002697 +380951105268 Sanya: +380677074763
Resettlement: Christina: +380674913714

To meet all friends, invite MOTO drive!

The third festival invites MotoGonevo ashore Pechenigy reservoir, rinse the sea salt in fresh water SALToff-old and a visit to the company's two-Kharkov comrades!
MotoGonevo 2012, Kharkov, Ukraine ... Read more »
Category: Bike show, motor-meetings | Views: 2409 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 03.08.2012 | Comments (0)

V Zlot Motocyklowy BAD PARTY ŚLESIN 2012Photo Report: Coming Soon!
5th Anniversary MOTOSLET in Slesin (Poland) 2012
Date: c 20-07-2012 (Friday)
          to 07.22.2012 (Sunday)
Ch early.: 15:07
Location: st. Kostelnaya
City: Slesin
State / Region: Greater Poland
Web page:
Tel.1: 502,306,055
Tel.2: 607,467,366
Event organizers: P.-G. MC KONIN
Rapid strides approaching MOTOSLET BEST in the country! Do not forget to 20-22. 07.2012 you should be Ślesinie!!!
Come, enjoy, and then remember, and longingly await the next .... Welcome! ... Read more »
Category: Bike show, motor-meetings | Views: 492 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 20.07.2012 | Comments (1)

Moto trip 2012Participants run:
Pilot - Sergei Beda (Suzuki Boulevard 1500).
Passenger - Galina Tymanka.
Route: Russia (St. Petersburg) - Belarus - Poland - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Spain - Portugal - Spain - Morocco - Western Sahara - Morocco - Spain - France - Italy - Vatican City - Italy - Slovenia - Austria - Czech Republic - Poland - Belarus - Russia (17 countries).
Travel time - 41 days.
Total distance run was ~ 18800 km.
Photo Report:
Route Map: ... Read more »
Category: Trip, mototravel | Views: 549 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 17.07.2012 | Comments (0)

Motofestival Narva Bike 2012Together with Insurgents MC (Baku, Azerbaijan) Bolshoy went to Estonia in the international motofestival "Narva Bike 2012", always passing on the beautiful historical area of ​​Narva Castle, traditionally organized by, is the club "Magnum MC".

July 13 (Friday)
18.00. - Informal opening
18.15. - Team ND - Israel
19.15. - "Maria" - Russia
20.00. - "AveNue" - Estonia
20.45. - "Old Scholl" - Russia
21.45. - "Wild Willie and Big Deal" - Finland
22. 45. - "Metsatöll" - Estonia
23.45. - "The King and the Clown" - Russia
01.00. - "Saxoffon Project" - Estonia
01.55. - Close of Day
In the intervals between the groups, acts rock ballet "The Age of Dance" - Russia
July 14 (Saturday) ... Read more »
Category: Bike show, motor-meetings | Views: 928 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 13.07.2012 | Comments (0)

July 11, 2012, Insurgents MC, Baku, Azerbaijan, visiting BedouinOne day in 2010, making the annual Motocycle tours, dropped in Beda with Tumanka in Baku. Where were very sincerely greeted by local bikers.
And after 2 years Insurgents MC came to Peter in return. Very get peace of international gatherings in our Bedouin Club-house of revelry with warming drinks and casual conversation about everything.
Oh, sorry time flies inexorably. Definitely come to the conclusion that we should meet more often, my friends!

Insurgents MC and Bedouins MCC ... Read more »
Category: Ride, motor-rest | Views: 1437 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 11.07.2012 | Comments (2)

Shtoll 2012 from Luga Motors MCPhoto:
Venue - The former ski "Mill Stoll" The Lake Omchino.

You will find an extensive program:

The event will begin on Friday, June 15th at 19:00 and will last until Sunday. You can listen to Live-concert with various rock groups directions bikers take part in contests and win attractive prizes, socialize, make new friends and just plain fun to relax in the company of friends and acquaintances.Bike Rock Festival will be held between the lake and Omchino dam on the river raids, which flows out of the lake. On the dam in the past was a mill built by a German Stoll after the war. Now this Ski which is currently recovering from the destruction 90. years. On a pair of swans inhabit the ... Read more »
Category: Bike show, motor-meetings | Views: 431 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 15.06.2012 | Comments (0)

МОТОТУССА В РУИНАХ-5, 10-11-12 ИЮНЯ 2012Photo:
11/10/12 June 2012 "NEAR AFOOT MCC" (Vyborg) is looking to meet friends, painfully familiar faces supporting the motion of the two wheels, fans, and to understand, respect each other, for those who know us, and for those who want to see at-we: brothers and sisters, their friends and associates to the sound and freedom, reverent and faithful, chosen path, the movement of their common interests, understanding and respect for each other, regardless of affiliation and color, position, and ages ....Welcome, we appreciate the time that we dropped, and enjoy every moment that we have been given. After all, our life is so short. let it be there is something to remember .......event ... Read more »
Category: Bike show, motor-meetings | Views: 417 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 10.06.2012 | Comments (0)

June 10, 2012, motocross in Vyborg, MS Motorcycle Club VaryagPhoto:
Motor Club "Varyag MS" invites his friends for the first motor race of the series of "Fortress North-West" in a visit to Vyborg Vyborg Castle and its surroundings. Soon all the details!June 10, 1012 motor club "Vikings" organized the first motor race, opening a series of events called "Fortress of the North-West of Russia." Object will visit the legendary Vyborg Castle, located 120 km from St. Petersburg to Vyborg. Event will consist of motocross and organized visits upon arrival at the Vyborg Castle, where he will a sightseeing tour of the castle and its surroundings, where guests will discover many interesting and historical mysteries impregnated ... Read more »
Category: Motocross, motorun | Views: 4066 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 10.06.2012 | Comments (6)

MOTO CARNIVAL 2012 from Werewolf МСPhoto:

VIII International St. Petersburg
MotoKarnaval 2012, May 26, 2012 City Day
12.00 Start building festive motokolonny
Plot Ligovsky prospect of Soviet 2nd Street. to pl. uprising
14.00 Start Motokarnavala
Traditional holiday costume motoparad on Nevsky pr
14.15 Stop - show on Nevsky Prospect
Commemorative photo shoot. Stunt riding show from leading motosportsmenov Peter
15.00 Arrival motokolonny holiday in Club House (Pioneer Street. 32)
Category: Bike show, motor-meetings | Views: 19987 | Added by: tymanka | Date: 26.05.2012 | Comments (0)

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