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July 17 - August 26, 2012, Motocycle tours Beda and Tymanka Russia (St. Petersburg) - Morocco - Western Sahara - Russia (17 countries).

Motocycle tours 2012 Participants run:
Pilot - Sergei Beda (Suzuki Boulevard 1500).
Passenger - Galina Tymanka.
Route: Russia (St. Petersburg) - Belarus - Poland - Germany - Netherlands - Belgium - Luxembourg - France - Spain - Portugal - Spain - Morocco - Western Sahara - Morocco - Spain - France - Italy - Vatican City - Italy - Slovenia - Austria - Czech Republic - Poland - Belarus - Russia (17 countries).
time - 41 days.
total mileage run was ~ 18800 km.
Travel diary: read >>
Route Map:

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2-31 July, Motootpusk Bed'y and Tymank'i: Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Ukraine, Transnistria, Moldova

Participants run:
Pilot - Sergei - Beda (Suzuki Intruder 1500)
Passenger - Galina (Tymanka)
Itinerary: Russia: Tver, Voronezh, Armavir, CMS, Vladikavkaz - Georgia (Lars-Kazbegi): Georgia - Armenia: Yerevan, Dilijan, Artashat, Alaverdi, Ararat, Sevan - Georgia (Kazbegi-Lars): Tbilisi - Russia: Vladikavkaz, Beslan, Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Russia - Ukraine (Kerch), Crimea, Kakhovka, Odessa - Dnestr Moldavian Republic, Tiraspol, Bender, - Moldova, Chisinau, vechi - Ukraine (Mogilev-Podolsk), Vinnitsa, Zhitomir, Kiev , Sumy - Russia, Bryansk, Kaluga, Tver.
Travel time - 28 days + 2 weeks in the village.
The total mileage run is ~ 13,000 km.
Budget travel ~ 45 000 rub., Of which ~ 30,000 rubles. for gasoline, and ~ 15,000 rubles. on food, souvenirs, museums, etc.

Photo Report: Coming Soon!
Route Map: Coming Soon!

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On July, 03-11rd 2010, To us the sea knee-deep, to us of mountain on a shoulder (Joint Motor-holiday of Bedouins: sea of Azov, Elbrus).

"Бедуинс МСС" на Эльбрусе Маршрут 2009 On July, 3rd, 2010 "Bedouins MCC" as a part of 5 persons (Beda, Vados, Ezh, Muzykant, SkuAD) and Glory have gone to sea of Azov. Soon Ezh with Tanej have gone to relatives to the item Levokumsky Budenovsky to r thow, SkuAD to Dombai, and remained have gone to submit Elbrus. And таки have subdued, let and not top, but all the same from the lift have left decently and have straightened a club flag of Bedouins. After Pyatigorsk all have gone already on the routes. Article in a writing stage.

All photoreport:

On July, 11th 2010, Beda and Tymanka motor-holiday: Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan
PART 2 (Continuation).

Мотоотпуск 2010 7/3/2010 - start, 8/1/2010 - finish. 6 seas: Azov, Black, Caspian, Mediterranean, Dead and the countries Krasnoe.6: Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Syria, Jordan and Russia: 6 republics (Adygea, Kabardino-Balkariya, the North Ossetia, Ingushetia, the Chechen Republic, Dagestan), 2 edges and 8 areas. From Tver Beda I have gone to village on мотике in the Tver region, and in Peter for work. Kilometric area of run of SPb-Aqaba-SPb ~ 15000 km. The trip budget ~ 75000 rbl. Article we write, it will be fast!

All photoreport:
Route card:

On August, 23rd, 2010 On a site interview to Beda have been published

On August, 23rd, 2010 on a site interview to Beda - the president of motor club Bedouins MCC have been published On August, 23rd, 2010 on a site interview to Beda - the president of motor club Bedouins MCC have been published:

«I would like, that old mutual assistance and a motor-brotherhood has returned. I would like, that conversations having under self have left cheap понты and empty, nothing. I would like, that people went, weren't afraid of difficulties, lived»
(Beda - Moto the traveler, the president of motor club Bedouins MCC who has passed 15 000 kilometers for one travel, one month, six seas and six countries).

I welcome, tell, how and when for you motor-life has begun?
To read further >>

21-23 may 2010, A trip to the exhibition "MP 10" - Motorcycle Show, Helsinki, Finland

21-23 may 2010, MP 10 - Motorcycle Show, Helsinki, Finland Itinerary for the exhibition MP 10 - Motorcycle Show, Helsinki, Finland Participants in motocross:
Beda + Tymanka (Suzuki Intruder 1500)
Diversion (Yamaha XJR 1200)
route Saint-Petersburg (Russia) - Helsinki (Finland), of course, very popular, beaten, and perhaps that lazy not to go for it. For us, this trip is notable because it was our first overseas travel on your own bike, and generally by car. Therefore, all the first time, it seemed difficult, filling returns, crossing the customs, the observance of high-speed mode. Particularly strained last item in this list. My head does not fit the discrepancy with the finest road surface "child" restrictive signs. At best, the 120, but not for long and not very often.
The exhibition itself is very pleasant, as compared with St. Petersburg, where we visited, simply heaven and earth. I wanted to photograph each bike, all exhibits were something remarkable individual. And there was an infinite number of them, anyway, so it seemed on the first day of the exhibition.
buy himself BU Intruder in dopfaru not over expensive. The trouble was involved in a test drive at Victory, but he has no dynamics. Intruder on any better.
came to spend the night camping in the next, but it turned out he broke last year. So put on your own risk in this desolate tent camp and spent the night for free. What do we want? We are thrifty, food, water and gas burner took with them. On the way back is allowed freedom of speed, I confess - exceeded ... Once for us, even video surveillance camera turned, apparently that would fix the number motonarushitelya. At customs we were asked to show that the suitcase and the coffer, and then invited to a separate kompatku were photographed. We've all been waiting for when they say about the violation, a fine show and video. But nothing happened, it was of interest was associated with the club insignia. The colors and pictures brought to our base.
Oh, Lehigh trouble beginning! In the sense that this was the first trip abroad as a springboard for us. This year we decided to go to Jordan, and crossed the borders of nine (including round-trip). To read further >>

Route map:
Photo report:

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On July, 1st August 2009, the Sea, mountain, steppes or geography studying in scale 1:1

Мотоотпуск 2009 Маршрут 2009 Sergey (Beda, rus. Trouble) has planned in advance holiday on one and a half month, and I (Tymanka) have beforehand presented to the chief the letter of resignation. On Suzuki Intruder 1500LС we planned to pass the following route: М4, Azov and black exhausting, Kalmykia, М6, on road visiting in all big cities in which didn't happen yet. Have joined us Anton (the Hedgehog, it the Hedgehog) on Honda Pacific 800 with Tatyana, and Andrey on Yamaha XJR 1200 with Irina.

We from Petersburg 2009 started on July, 1st. The first spending the night was in village Aperkino, Sandovsky to r thow, the Tver region where we were waited already by Sergey's grandmother, with pies and a Russian cabbage soup. Next day have decided to go not so early not to rise in the Moscow stoppers. However in Solnechnogorske has managed to get to our motorcycle of Chevrolet Lacetti. It stood on a counter strip and blinked the left headlight, has passed XJR, and directly before us and, unexpectedly, has decided to make the maneuver, for as has paid with the right doors. From Suzuki the windscreen piece was broke off, the headlight has hung on wires, the wheel was bent.
To read further >>

Route map:

On June, 11-14th, 2009, St.-Petersburg, Aparkino (Tver region), Bear сorner 2009 (Yaroslavl region)

Trip on Bear сorner 2009 Trip route on Bear сorner 2009 On June, 11th, 2009 we started from St.-Petersburg to Yaroslavl region, Tutaev area, village Savinsky on bikeshow "Bear сorner 2009" with which annually arrange MC «Black Bears».
In motocross participated:
Beda + Tymanka (Suzuki Intruder 1500)
Tatarin (Honda CB 750)
Ezh + Tatyana (Honda Pacific)
Yura (Yamaha XJR 1300)
Our route lay through the Tver region, and the small village of Aparkino where Sergey Bedy has a small house remained from the great-grandmother was a reloading point. In Myshkin have swept on the ferry through Volga. On the way back after bikeshow have called in to Yaroslavl, to look at a city. The general kilometric area of run has made 1700 km., time in a way 4 days.

Video report:
Route card:

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On June, 26th - on July, 20th 2008, the volume Is small, yes is daring or on 400 to the sea.

Trip on the seas 2008Trip route on the seas 2008 On the sea! As it is beaten and it is predicted!!! But we, the word of honor, never were on the sea. So start on June, 26th, 2008 from Petersburg.
The pilot: Sergey (Bada), the passenger: Galina (Tymanka)
Motorcycle: Suzuki Inntruder 400
Route: SPb - Aparkino (the Tver region) - Maloyaroslavets (the Kaluga region) - Tver - Moscow - Chekhov - Tula - Yelets (Lipetsk region) - Voronezh - the Village Kushchevsky (Krasnodar territory) - Buhta Inal (Tuapse р-н, Krasnodar territory. Black sea) - the Village Kushchevsky (Krasnodar territory) - Rostov-on-Don - Voronezh - Tula - Tver - SPb.
Together with the company from two companions Oleg and Juroj (both on Yamaha XJR 1300) we had a rest in Aparkino, the Tver region also have gone on bikeshow Maloyaroslavets 2008. And after have together gone to the south, on road visiting in all large (and at times and not so) cities, went sightseeing, climbed on the thrown churchlets. Had wonderfully a rest on Black sea in Buhte Inal, Tuapse area and in a way back! The general kilometric area of run has made about 7000 km., for 25 days. All it was necessary to sustain Suzuki Intruder 400 (on a photo at the left not Intruder, the motorcycle of a companion has got to a shot).

Video report:
Route map:

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On June, 29th - on July, 1st, 2007 S-Retersburg, bikefest Maloyaroslavets 2007, the Kaluga region, Outlaws MC Russia

Trip on bikeshow Motoyaroslavets 2007 Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga regionParticipants of run:
Sergey - Beda (Suzuki Intruder 400),
Oleg - SkuAD (Yamaha XJR 1300),
Dima - Elektronik (Suzuki Intruder 400),
Yura - the Fritter (Honda CB 750).
Children from Petersburg four together on a former route started. As well as on last trip on "Motoyaroslavets" a reloading point became Aparkino, the Tver region. And next day children have arrived to destination. Bike Festival in Maloyaroslavets "BikeFest", the largest motor-action of Russia, in 2007 was spent already in 16 times. Organizers - Outlaws MC Russia - the Russian branch of the largest and oldest world motor club Outlaws. The sated musical program, competitions, wonderful weather and the excellent company promoted pleasant pastime. And on Sunday again in a way road, through village in Tver. There Sergey remained to have a rest, and Oleg, and Jura have turned Dima to the house. In magazine the Motomania № has been printed August, 4th (16), 2007 article of Alekseich (Moto-M) about Maloyaroslavets, and in particular about a meeting in three bikers from Peter. Also the general photo has been published.

Video report:
Article: № 4th (16) August, 2007 Motomania

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On June, 23-26th, 2005, SPb, bikefest "MOTOyaroslavets 2005" Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga region

On June, 23-26th, 2005, SPb, bikefest "MOTOyaroslavets 2005" Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga regionTrip route on bikefest MOTOyaroslavets 2005, Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga region Participants of run:
Sergey - Beda (МТ 10-36 Dnepr, 650 сс, 1982),
Oleg - SkuAD (Ural Mountains Solo, 650 сс, 1996),
Alexander (Ural Mountains, 650 сс).
From Petersburg guys have gone three together, and in the city of Ustjuzhna, Vologdsky area some days have joined them - Bogdan (or Bodja in Ural Mountains, 650 сс is simple) traveling. Certainly, not without small misadventures, but nevertheless four together guys having overcome "unsteady" sand in village with the characteristic name a profit Bast in Aparkino, the Tver region. Had a rest after the journey in "entail property" of the great-grandmother of Sergey, have slept and again having ridden out iron horses, have rushed off on a bike-show. Yes so have rushed off that haven't noticed as have lost closing Bogdan. But, thank God, in Maloyaroslavets again have found. Had fun on bireshow and since the morning before on Sunday friends have gone this time already straight on the Moscow line home, and Sergey to the village догуливать holiday. (Therefore Sergey had slightly other route, and indicators of run of brothers Oleg and Alexander) are more low resulted.
Time in a way: 4 days (and if to be more exact those 70,5 hours).
Quantity of kilometers: 1545 km.
It is burned gasoline: 87 liters.
The average expense: 5.7 liters/10 of km.

Photo report:
Video report:
Route map:

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On June, 27-28th 2004, XII Motor-festival Face to face, International Bike Show, Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga region

Trip on bikeshow MOTOyaroslavets 2004, Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga regionThe trip plan on bikeshow MOTOyaroslavets 2004, Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga region Participants of run:
Sergey - Beda (МТ 10-36 Dnepr, 650 сс, 1982),
Stas (МТ 10-36 Dnepr, 650 сс, 1982).
Wound in the morning guys started from Petersburg. However, in Tver Sergey had a trouble with a motorcycle. The bottom at the filter of low resistance has fallen off. It was necessary to bury its rag. And for 30 km. To Maloyaroslavets the motorcycle has decayed and guys have been compelled will stop. Searches of the reasons proceeded long enough. The Tver children in Ural Mountains and the Jeep have stopped. It has appeared, the rag has got to the air filter and it has drained in in the valve. This trouble has been eliminated also Sergey with Stasom at last have reached a glade to Maloyaroslavets where have plunged into atmosphere bike musical festival - freedom, romanticism, a drive and bikers a brotherhood! At Stas the wife was in the family way, therefore it has left to Petersburg slightly earlier, and Sergey after a bike-show has gone in Aparkino, the Tver region to have a rest from city vanity. On the way back home at Sergey, the problem was again formed. On Murmansk of highway for 130 km. to Petersburg at it gear wheels GRM were scattered. And long still Sergey hopelessly in night voted on a line if, by a lucky chance, didn't pass by Ford Transit. At the wheel which was Shaggy - the president of the Oryol club "Angels of night". And to pass by the voting biker it simply not could. As the car was loaded, has been decided to pull a motorcycle on a strap. Here such here in the cheerful way Dnepr of Sergey has reached native garage. Material compensation Shaggy has refused, but has instructed - always and everywhere to help bikers on road.

All photoreport:
Route card:

And the countries which the motor club "Bedouins MCC" has visited cities on motorcycles

Flags of countries in which motoclub Bedouins MCC was on a motorcycle
Flags of countries in which motoclub Bedouins MCC was on a motorcycle

Travel Map Bedouins MCC in Russia
Travel Map Bedouins MCC in Russia
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