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27-29 июня 2008 г. Малоярославец, Калужская обл., Outlaws MC Russia
"Bedouins MCC" is a tourist мotorcycle сlub St.-Petersburg (Russia), group of adherents which prefer to move and travel on a motorcycle. Mark, the class and volume have no value, but motorcycle presence necessarily, and its reliability - is desirable.

The club doesn't pursue any commercial objectives. Our problem - to travel all over the world, enjoy road and freedom, to get acquainted and be on friendly terms with bikers, clubs and brotherhoods of motorcyclists of Russia and Abroad.

Travel is one of the most pleasant and useful drugs on whom the person can depend. Narcotic intoxication from new cultures, from magic aroma of tropical jungle, from the wearisome sun of deserts and many other factors, causes huge emission эндорфина in a brain. The person who has tested it, becomes the hostage of passion, under "the Travel" name. For us travel became a way of life, and not just in the way to have a rest or pleasantly to spend holiday. Travel is the whole world of new spiritual impressions, the world of the unforgettable visual images, interesting acquaintances and new friends, it is possibility to touch history. And the most important thing that travel give sharp sensation of happiness.
The Syrian Bedouins, besides camels, perfectly move on low-power motorcycles
Who such "Bedouins"?

Word meaning: the Bedouin («the inhabitant of desert/steppe», "nomad") — this term it is accepted to designate all inhabitants of the Arabian world who conduct a nomadic way of life, irrespective of their nationality or a religious accessory.

So why "Bedouins"?

Boldness, independence, fidelity - here the lines inherent in proud inhabitants of deserts. They respect the people, are enamoured of the native earth. For bedouins there is nothing more expensively freedom. For them a word "state" - an empty phrase. Enormous desert - here their possession, and there they establish own laws. A shelter of bedouins - Hospitable Bedouins of Syria a clear sky sowed by star sand which nobody can neither take away from it nor destroy.

Bedouins don't test constant attachment to certain territory, therefore such concepts as national frameworks or the centralized power are alien to them. It is important to them to keep integrity and unity of own clan, on more they don't apply.

Bedouins have some kind of a cult of camels, since a camel the best vehicle in the conditions of desert, and also a source of meat, milk, wool, a skin and кизяков. The camel is reputable for bedouins the profitability and endurance. It is not surprising that Bedouins concerns the animals carefully and lovingly, never them will strike. Camels, without knowing thirst and weariness, are capable to make long travel thanks to the internal resources.

On a visit at bedouins

Bedouins are very hospitable. Tradition of reception of visitors - one of the oldest and strong in the list of their priorities. She from a way of life of wandering bedouin tribes which without support and mutual aid couldn't survive in severe conditions of desert was born. Bedouins of Jordan are considered as the most orthodox Bedouins Each bedouin will share everything that at it is, with the person who has come in its tent or has simply got into difficulties, let even it belongs to other tribe or has come from far another's country. In 2010 we were on a visit at the Syrian bedouins, and on itself counterfeit interest, hospitality and sincere goodwill have shown in motor-travelers from Russia not. And certainly us have treated with "firm" bedouin coffee. As it is known at bedouins an oily liquid with sharp aroma moving in tiny cups it isn't simple a drink, and a symbol of hospitality, sincere heat and an arrangement.

Modern bedouins

But the world changes, and together with it resolute changes occur in a traditional way of life of bedouins, a way and sources of their earnings. But spiritual and cultural life, values - remain former. Perhaps, ancient traditions have kept, and without having come under to time influence, only bedouins of Jordan. And it is valid, we were convinced of it having visited Jordan on a motorcycle. Local bedouins there even are afraid to be photographed, trusting that the photo will take away a part of their soul. And can also all soul....

P.S.: The freedom-loving spirit and willfulness of original Bedouins, their responsiveness and mutual assistance is close to us. By the way, besides camels, Bedouins perfectly move and on on low-power motorcycles, truth, basically the Chinese origin.

Guns N` Roses - Riad N` The Bedouins (6,38 MB)


Their eyes are mad, their cover chitinous.
On a trouble sign learn bedouins.

They have smashed a smile on a part;
Where their horse will gallop - there will be a misfortune.

They don't sympathize with storms in a glass:
They - budouins, they - budetlyane.

And to survive in sand devils help them,
And to it angels draw images of the world.

When they or with someone haven't settled accounts with something
They playfully walk in shahids.

Also bedouins suppress to themselves on a trouble
Subglacial vodka in foreign land deserts.

(The author - Alexander Karpenko: a poem purely game, humour. It doesn't apply for historical accuracy or the documentary lyrics, and two last lines - simply joke.)
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