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Main » 2011 » June » 3 » June 3-5, 2011 Pskov Motosammit IV, Mechanics Positive
June 3-5, 2011 Pskov Motosammit IV, Mechanics Positive
June 3-5, 2011 Pskov Motosammit IV, Mechanics PositiveAccording to various sources Motosammit 2011 gathered from a thousand to fifteen hundred people. We started with Bede of St. Petersburg on Saturday morning in a hurry on a convoy to the monument to Alexander Nevsky ...

This year, organizers pleased with our excursion to the island. This fortress town called "Southern Shield" Pskov. Originally it was located on an island on the River Great, who served as a natural protection, hence the name Island.

As a fortress island lasted until the Great Northern War, and then gradually began to decay. During the Great Patriotic War, the fort was finally dismantled the Nazi invaders for road repair and construction of a dam across the River Great.

A large convoy of bikers parked in the square in the city center near the Trinity Cathedral, a monument of 18th century architecture. Built Cathedral "command of Catherine" in place of the ancient wooden church, destroyed by the troops of the Stefan Batory in 1581. Its location and size of the determining role of the main religious buildings of the city.

Continuation of local history and visit the program was GUK "Military-Historical Museum of the Pskov region," which collects rarities of the Great Patriotic War (and not only) a collection of weapons and various ammunition, as well as motorcycles. Bikers met with exhibits that reflect the military history of the island and Pskov region as a whole.

Also wish to have walked down the main attractions of the island chain bridges. Chain bridges are a unique symbol of the city, they built in 1853 by order of Nicholas I, personally present at their discovery.

Well, after, they all went into a clearing, swim, relax and have fun in general Razgulay! Most wonderful weather, only contributed to an atmosphere of general merriment and joy. Beautiful girls sunbathing in bikinis drunk eye pleasing, and therefore no longer such a harsh bikers. A hearing to please the group "Avenue" from Estonia, "Vitamin U" and "No." from St. Petersburg. Competitions were many, especially amused at catching a pig, previously bathed in sunflower oil. Caught a pig happy girl squeezed as they could (I wonder how much they enjoyed when they tried to wash off the oil from ...) And shoot fireworks in the sky flew a lot of hang-gliders (the exact name I do not know), even had the opportunity to ride in a balloon (not only highly and not far away).

Funny Rider Show certainly led the audience in raptures. Amazing sight! Part of the exhibits we saw last year at the Pskov events, but they were funny and new wheeled vehicles. Harvesting is already quite dark, and therefore consider all the details are not entirely successful, and the photograph in the dark, no ice! After midnight, were strip-show, the theme was revealed titek for those who stood in the forefront, particularly in the gallery was nothing to be seen.

Entertained for the glory of Positive Mechanics (and fry in particular) Respect! And the organization and the event itself was on top. Thank you to all those present for the company, warm fire and Dok ("Shtrafbat") for help.

On the Internet has been published to become about 4 Motor-summit, in a header photo the Motor club "Bedouins MCC" (photo truth last year's, but it is all the same pleasant)


Motosummit 2011
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