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29 июня - 1 июля 2007 г. Малоярославец, Калужская обл., Outlaws MC Russia
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Main » 2007 » June » 29 » On June, 29th - on July, 1st, 2007 S-Retersburg, bikefest Maloyaroslavets 2007, the Kaluga region, Outlaws MC Russia
On June, 29th - on July, 1st, 2007 S-Retersburg, bikefest Maloyaroslavets 2007, the Kaluga region, Outlaws MC Russia
Trip on bikeshow Motoyaroslavets 2007 Maloyaroslavets, the Kaluga regionParticipants of run:
Sergey - Beda (Suzuki Intruder 400),
Oleg - SkuAD (Yamaha XJR 1300),
Dima - Elektronik (Suzuki Intruder 400),
Yura - the Fritter (Honda CB 750).
Children from Petersburg four together on a former route started. As well as on last trip on "Motoyaroslavets" a reloading point became Aparkino, the Tver region. And next day children have arrived to destination. Bike Festival in Maloyaroslavets "BikeFest", the largest motor-action of Russia, in 2007 was spent already in 16 times. Organizers - Outlaws MC Russia - the Russian branch of the largest and oldest world motor club Outlaws. The sated musical program, competitions, wonderful weather and the excellent company promoted pleasant pastime. And on Sunday again in a way road, through village in Tver. There Sergey remained to have a rest, and Oleg, and Jura have turned Dima to the house. In magazine the Motomania № has been printed August, 4th (16), 2007 article of Alekseich (Moto-M) about Maloyaroslavets, and in particular about a meeting in three bikers from Peter. Also the general photo has been published.

The video report:
Article: № 4th (16) August, 2007 Motomania


Everyone though time in life should visit the biggest in our country a bike-show. This action has the traditions and the history. One of traditions: it is possible to go by festival territory drunk on bike. And here for territory it is impossible to leave! Therefore movement within three days doesn't stop for a minute. Thus there is no failure - only a stopper at crossroads.

The action platform is in lowland near the city of Maloyaroslavets. The border is separated by the river the Pool. The territory is so huge. What to go on foot very long. The list of actions is that that all for three days not to visit: flights on a paraplane, paintball, competition of retromotorcycles, competition of suits, competition of rock concerts etc. And still night salutes...
To describe all it is a dry literary syllable not probably - here it is necessary to be.

The huge field is spontaneously divided by tapes into camp of one city or is concrete any club. Camp are equipped by barriers‚ boxes with protection and with accurate time of visiting of this camp. But were camp and with a free admission. In general, about camp separate conversation. I would arrange competition on the best arrangement: some have dragged in camp of a huge teddy bear and someone - the whole piano.

The organization:
Everyone. Who wants to find faults of the show organization. Always is able to do it. But we have arrived to have a rest. Instead of to search for defects and consequently had a rest on the full. I want to note
Huge work of organizers on preparation and project safety - that is necessary adjustment of movement drunk (is softly told) riders.

But the most important thing in this action, of course, bikers - from all our immense Native land: from Novgorod to Voronezh, from Perm to Izhevsk... The Petersburg camp hasn't found. That it was more pleasant
To meet three motorcyclists from Peter. Three "hooligans" from Тhe Nooligans МС (Peter) and «Malka - the president« Positive mechanics »(Pskov). Dialogue with bikers of other regions with what not
It can be compared: in a city or area we communicate and so is very frequent, and on a bike-show of such scale always is to that and at whom to learn: what technics, what shocking‚ what characters!
When learned that we from Peter. At people broke a tower - at once wanted to give to drink, has hardly survived:).

Looking at all this magnificence, foreign visitors didn't cry nearly. It is said that such at them was only in 60-70th years. They envy us, and we don't appreciate the happiness. To Pass all
800 km, maximum - 10 hours. Though once a year it is possible to go!

River S.: Many thanks to organizers - to club The Outlaws MS that have sheltered in the camp.
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