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Main » 2010 » May » 14 » On May, 14-16th 2010, Mihajlovsky picnic II, MCC the Brotherhood of Motors in Film small town
On May, 14-16th 2010, Mihajlovsky picnic II, MCC the Brotherhood of Motors in Film small town
Vypolzovo, Mihajlovsky picnic "Near to Vypolzovo, in village Mihajlovsky athletes dashing, iron horses sending on errands have gathered. Also have sung of glory to Spring opening a season. They had fun on entertainments valiant. Also have shifted братины, intoxicated honey full, sitting at tables, yes with brothers who fierce didn't see long winter." (c)

We with the Trouble were possible manage on many large a bike-show for this reason all of us began to appreciate little-known, so to say, backward, but from it not less interesting motor-parties more. For this reason meditations and doubts concerning a trip wasn't absolutely.

We have taken friends and four Bedouins (Bedouins MCC), took tent with sleeping bags, and have gone on Mihajlovsky picnic II organized MCC "the Brotherhood of Motors" (Vyshny Volochek) with motor club support "Road Rash" (BUT Lake).   And ancient companion Ferrum (Юра) the vice-president of club "Brotherhood of Motors" has invited us there.

Already approaching on the appointed place, the Musician has pierced a wheel. Next morning organizers have rendered the invaluable help under repair, the hugest thanks KAP (Alexey) the president "Brotherhood of Motors". A wheel have removed, have brought on tire, have found a puncture, have stuck, have put into place. Truth in some hours the wheel has lowered again, and it was necessary to buy a tire cover from the Zhiguli, but as a result all have repaired.

friends, conditions, the organization, I am happy each minute spent there, have received weight of positive emotions!!! Just leaving on such meetings you have a rest both soul and a body, it both a campaign, and a holiday, both rest, and travel, and check on command rallying, and acquaintance to different people! On such action it is necessary to be obligatory! And the further from a megacity, the better!

impressions from "МР II” the sea tremendous a venue, so-called "Film small town" in village Mihajlovsky, Bologovsky to r thow, the Tver region that in 350 km from St.-Petersburg. The tourist complex Russian settlement has been conceived as constantly operating place for shootings of historical and children's films.  Smart Mihajlovsky lake located in the distance from settlements, and around a pine pine forest, pure air, wooden constructions stylized under a fortress, watchtowers, a churchlet, wooden log huts, wattled fences, boat landing stage on coast, a wide wooden ladder the leader to a swimming bath. And all this surroundings of the Middle Ages supplemented fine, service of the European campings, decent toilets, shower, kitchen, water, sockets at each column-small lamp, well and certainly settling possibility in cottages. The word of honor, didn't expect that it is useful to me in the wood, just in case taken, a boiler! Thanks to it we since morning have been provided by invigorating coffee and noodles of fast preparation, and also were useful gymnastics for phones and cameras! Also organizers gratuitously fed up on a field-kitchen, cheesecakes and a potato with meat.
the action program was very sated: the fate a concert, reconstruction with elements faerShow, salute, in a word was no time to miss simply. And all it for a symbolical payment 300 rbl. from boys, and to girls are free. Weight of live, fervent competitions: Erotic eating of bananas, not less erotic eating of the suspended sausages, drawing of motorcycles blindfold, beer absorption for the speed without the aid of hands. The general delight was caused by catching of bottles of beer by passengers by means of a rope. It was necessary to see it, bikers as children imagined themselves dexterous Indians and trying to tighten a lasso on a neck of a treasured prize. Even the local teleimage has arrived to remove all this fun, and also have interviewed presidents of motor clubs, including, at the Trouble and Alena - girls at the wheel.

on action representatives of clubs the Griffin (Ostashkov), Sapsan (Pereslavl), Motor-relatives (Pushkino), Maniac Girl (Great Novgorod) have been noticed. To the people was not so much (to Petersburg measures), for that cozy house atmosphere had to have a rest slowly, properly. With weather has carried, there was no wearisome heat and there was no rain, in general just right so went for a drive on a boat, bathed in Mihajlovsky lake, and the Hedgehog even in clothes with the camera and a mp3-player... The Trouble, justifying the nickname, has managed ashore strongly to cut a foot about a splinter of a neck of a glass bottle rolling in a grass. Children from the Brotherhood of Motors fussed and have sent the wounded man in больничку, there all have disinfected, a cut have sewn up, a foot have bandaged and have sent back. And in the evening a sincere sit-round gathering at the general fire, bawled old kind songs to the guitar, the blessing of fire wood was enough.
it is healthy that there are such meetings, many thanks to organizers and their assistants, for possibility to be present on this holiday! Good fellows, action was possible on 100 %.

In a word had a rest slowly, properly, and as have slowly gathered in the morning and have swept home. There we went already almost at nights, гайцов was not much, and here as mushrooms in each pole under each hill, in a word the eye yes an eye on the way back grew!

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Author: Tymanka
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