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Main » 2011 » May » 16 » On May, 14th 2011, the Ivangorod fortress, Ivangorod
On May, 14th 2011, the Ivangorod fortress, Ivangorod
Trip to the Ivangorod fortress, Ivangorod, on May, 14th 2010During week-end weather has stood out wonderful, mood raised, it is necessary промчать somewhere to the country. Here bedouins also have decided to make a trip of regional studies to Ivangorod, to wander on a fortress. The Ivangorod fortress has been constructed in 1492 by Ivan III for protection from Livonsky and the Swedish armies. Therefore and the place for its erection has been chosen not casually. Ivangorod — the unique stone fortress erected in Russian Northwest on a new place during an epoch of the Moscow kingdom. Новгородцы at the time of independence never put fortresses directly on the border of the earths, always arranged them a little in depth to complicate to the opponent possibility of fulfillment of unexpected attack изгоном. The Moscow military strategy developed a little under other corner: if inhabitants Novgorod erected fortresses exclusively as defensive works in understanding of the Moscow commanders the good fortress should carry out two equally important problems: To be not only defensive knot, but also to serve as base for the further aggressive campaigns. For this reason Moscow leader, responsible for new border of the Moscow earths with the Livonsky award (it passed down the river Narove following from Chudsky lake and running into gulf of Finland), have made decision not to expand a fortress of Holes which was in 13 versts from border and to erect a stronghold directly near by at medal knights to Narove. And it is even not simple on border, and it is direct opposite to existing medal strengthening — the Germanovsky fortress (the lock Narva). In it some political call was looked through also: a pier, know ours! The history of architecture doesn't know other such example of so remarkable opposition of two powerful serf ensembles. The fortress of Ivangorod and the Narva fortress look against each other through the river Narva, as if the fighters made to fight.

The Great Patriotic War has very strongly affected external shape of the Ivangorod fortress. In August, 1941 near Narva fights in which result the city was occupied with Germans have begun. Constant artillery and air bombardments have led to that, releasing Narva in July, 1944, the Soviet armies have seen only boxes of stone buildings, heaps of ruins and the ashes. In Ivangorod 6 towers have been blown up, walls and intraserf constructions are partially destroyed.

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