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Main » 2011 » May » 7 » On May, 7th 2011, Official opening of a motor-season 2011 in ROCK CAFE, Werewolf MC
On May, 7th 2011, Official opening of a motor-season 2011 in ROCK CAFE, Werewolf MC
Официальное открытие МОТОСЕЗОНА-2011 в РОК-КАФЕUnfortunately, at the desire of a city administration "City opening of a motor-season" has been transferred for May, 21st, 2011 And here the concert program in Rock Cafe cancelled nobody. Therefore ногие motorcyclists having used good weather drove through the city in the afternoon, someone has gone on opening to Luga, and have gathered on Pioneer 32 in the evening. With the musical creations of listeners pleased groups: CHIEF ZHEKA, the MOTOR SCOOTER, LOS PIRANIOS and others.

Photoreport: Soon!

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