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Main » 2010 » September » 5 » On September, 5th 2010, Action "Memory candle" in honor Alexey Barsukov in St.-Petersburg
On September, 5th 2010, Action "Memory candle" in honor Alexey Barsukov in St.-Petersburg
Action Candle memory devoted to the killed motor-tourist Alexey BarsukovSCUTT (Alexey Barsukov) at motor-festival the Godforsaken place 2009In St.-Petersburg there has passed the action of memory of the Nizhniy Novgorod motor-traveler Alexey Barsukov who was tragically lost during a trip on a moped on a route the Bottom Novgorod-Vladivostok-Nizhni Novgorod. Bedouins couldn't remain to it indifferent. Though isn't present, it not the action is a cry from the heart. On a way back Alexey has stopped on a lodging for the night at idle cafe on a federal line, around settlement Jeanne, in the Chita region and therefrom has sent the last SMS. It has been meanly shot from a back in a head, beings which it is impossible to name people...

On September, 5th, 2010 one hundred bikers have passed a column from hotel "Baltic" on Vasilevsky island to Palace Square where there has passed the basic part of action. Participants were built on an edging of Palace Square with photos of the victim and have lit candles, trying to pay public attention to inactivity of the law enforcement bodies delaying disclosing of  destruction Skutt and to the general pitiable situation on a federal line around Chita.

Alexey has already ceased to be simple the person - it became the symbol which has rallied round of hundred and thousand of people from all country.

We weren't personally familiar with Alexey Skutt, but we were crossed in 2009 at motor-festival "Bear сorner" (Godforsaken place). Then these photos have been made. Here Alexey on "Shaitan-bullock cart" so he named the trike:

SCUTT (Alexey Barsukov) at motor-festival the Godforsaken 
place 2009

And here Skutt has casually got to a shot (extreme on the right):

SCUTT (Alexey Barsukov) at motor-festival the Godforsaken place 2009

Let the earth to you will be down.

P.S.: the candle appeals to memory, is silent a flame shouting...

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